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Homemade botox mask.

Hello/salam friends,

                      today I m going to share very good and simple rerecipe of homemade botox mask. now you dont need to spend a fortune on expensive botox treatments.

Just apply this simple miture on your face and lift up your face naturlly.

Make the mask with just three ingredients:




Mix all the ingredients in blender.Apply on your face twice or three times in a week.see the results and go Wow…..

That’s It for the post today.see you lAter  Take care.

Bye …


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Chicken and corn soup with ginger.


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  1. Chicken boiled and shredded. 2cup
  2. water 2cup
  3. chicken stock 4cups
  4. salt 1 tbsp
  5. black peper 1tbsp
  6. ginger 2tbsp fresshly chopped/shredded
  7. corn boiled 1/2 cup.
  8. vinegar 2tbsp
  9. soya sause 2tbsp
  10. hot sauce 1tsp
  11. cabbage 1/2 cup
  12. carrot 1/2 cup shredded
  13. spring onion green part 1/4cup
  14. egg 1 bitten.
  15. Corn starch 3-4 tbsp dissolved in water.
  16. corriender 1/4 cup.